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International Committee
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Your personal data will be used only by the ICRC. However, the supplier of the platform, WCF, may access your data for the purpose of improving the platform. All your data are stored on a dedicated server in Switzerland. With, and only with, your permission, we will send you updates on the project and on the ICRC's activities in general.

Yes! We use Saferpay, an online payment system that provides optimum security. To prevent fraud, your data are automatically encrypted before being sent to the card issuer, which then processes the payment. The padlock symbol in your web browser shows that you are in secure mode. You can learn more about everything we do to keep your information safe in our Privacy Policy.

It depends. If you pay tax in Switzerland, the yearly minimum and maximum tax-deductible amounts vary from canton to canton, so check with your local tax authorities. If you pay tax in a country other than Switzerland, check with your country's tax authorities (e.g. in Australia, France, the UK and the US, donations to the ICRC are not tax-deductible).


Fair question – it's true that most of the ICRC's funding comes from States. But we want to see what can happen when we directly connect people in need with individual donors like you. We want to give regular people the chance to better understand how humanitarian relief works and be able to take part themselves, no matter how little or how much they have to give.

Our projects also try to make people affected by conflict active leaders in relief and recovery efforts – not just passive recipients of aid. This, together with our unique, 24/7 presence in the field, mean that we can guarantee that each and every project is giving real people the help that they genuinely need and want.

93.5% of your money is spent directly on the project you select. The remaining 6.5% goes to the ICRC's overhead costs. What's covered by the overhead? The payment processing fee, basic platform maintenance, and staff and administrative expenses at headquarters.

For ICRC projects, our staff will be on-site, overseeing the project's smooth implementation. But of course, the places where we work are prone to sudden political, social or environmental upheavals. Occasionally that could cause a project to be delayed or suspended. In such cases, we'll review or modify projects as needed to adapt them to the new circumstances. Whatever happens, the ICRC guarantees that all funding will be spent on the same people and for the same purpose as the initial project.

The ICRC will also monitor projects implemented by partner organizations, providing support as needed, but the partner organization retains the lead and primary responsibility.

Our projects seek to improve, in very pragmatic and specific ways, the day-to-day lives of people affected by armed conflict and other violence. Most projects will be implemented in areas largely overlooked by the mainstream media. We hope that this will raise awareness about the world's many forgotten and protracted crises. Innovative projects will be given special consideration. Please note that large scale, life-saving programmes will continue to be covered by the usual Appeals, and not by crowdfunding.

For the moment, only the ICRC and its crowdfunding partners can upload projects onto the platform. Should you have a project that you would like to crowdfund, we suggest that you get in touch with your nearest delegation.


The ICRC has opted for the “keep-it-all” option. This means that even if a target isn't reached, we'll keep your donation and make sure that it goes towards the cause you initially fundraised for. This might mean downsizing or revising the original project, without compromising its initial purpose. Either way, we'll make sure to keep you informed of the outcome of all campaigns, and how we've used the funds that you've so kindly contributed.

Updates on the progress of each project will be shared with you directly on the platform. The updates may include pictures or other audiovisual materials, provided the security situation permits it.

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